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fo·go sel·va·gem

(fō'gō sel'vă-jem),
A form of pemphigus foliaceus, occurring in southern Brazil, in which the lesions are bullous, appear localized to the face and upper trunk, become widespread, variegated, erythrodermic, and exfoliative, and are immunologically indistinguishable from pemphigus foliaceus or vulgaris.
[Pg. wild fire]
Dermatology See Fogo selvagem
Public safety An uncontrolled fire—e.g., forest fire, scrub fire—that occurs in sparsely or unpopulated regions
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Dr Salman said, "In case of huge fire, we get services of Emergency Relief Cell" adding, forest fire is controlled with the help of this cell.
Halabi also pointed out that the increase in civil society actors and environmental awareness has not stemmed the increase in forest fires over the past four decades.
Big forest fires in Northern California are still producing copious smoke, but winds from the north and west are keeping that smoke out of Oregon, satellite images show.
According to forestry official Andreas Christou, a total of 190 forest fires broke out, burning 412 hectares of land.
Of all the forest fires that broke out in the 10 years between 2003 and 2012, 8 percent were caused by lightning, 11 percent were unfortunately due to arson, 55 percent due to negligence and carelessness, and 26 broke out for reasons that have not been detected.
Forest fires were reported in 13 out of 14 cities or prefectures in the province, mainly triggered by naked flames, smoking and short-circuited wires, among other factors, and aggravated by the hot and dry weather this year, according to Deng.
Communication is critical when fighting forest fires because forest fires tend to change direction moment by moment due to weather and forest conditions.
In an interview with AA, Osman Kahveci, the head of Turkish Directorate General of Forestry, said on Tuesday that a total of 1,472 forest fires had been reported in Turkey since the beginning of the year, adding the total surface area of the lands harmed by those fires was 1,432 hectares less when compared to the same term of 2009.
Conference on Modelling, Monitoring, and Management of Forest Fires (2d: 2010: Kos, Greece) Ed.
The figure is lower than last year during the same period, when 73 forest fires destroyed 140 hectares.
Summary: Soaring temperatures may hinder efforts to control the huge forest fire that is spreading in Northeast China.
Besides human errors, Cuban officials from the National Fire Department said risk of forest fires was increased by an extended drought, which has hurt agriculture and led to water rationing throughout the island .

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