sexual assault nurse examiner

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A nurse specifically trained in responding to victims of sexual assault—rape—by collecting appropriate specimens in a forensically acceptable manner with a linked chain of custody and documentation of injuries associated with sexual assault, and in counselling and providing support for the victim

sexual assault nurse examiner



A forensically trained nurse specialist, often working as part of a sexual assault response team, who ensures that rape victims who come to the Emergency Department are carefully and sensitively screened for evidence of rape and are provided with post-traumatic crisis support.
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The International Association of Forensic Nurses has designated the second week in November to recognize and honor the forensic nurse.
Trisha Sheridan, a forensic nurse and clinical assistant professor at Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Nursing, said the department would ensure more forensic nurses are available to Texas hospitals.
Kimberly Nash is a Forensic Nurse Examiner at Memorial Hospital-UCH in Colorado Springs.
Undertaking nursing clinics at Christchurch Women's Prison, while working as a relieving community forensic nurse, showed her firsthand the effects loss of freedom can have on human behaviours.
Our nursing operations manager is a qualified forensic nurse able to examine victims and give evidence in regional magistrates courts and high courts.
The role of the forensic nurse can be viewed as a specialty health care service that provides patients with the most appropriate and focused care for their presenting condition.
This year's Conference will include the topics: Role of the Forensic Nurse, Violence in the Workplace from an HR Perspective, Cyber Stalking, Victims Services and Self Defense.
program is the sole provider of specially trained and certified forensic nurse examiners who care for adolescent and adult victims (ages 13 and older) of sexual assault in Baltimore County.
For this study, the researcher conducted peer debriefing with a forensic nurse from a different institution in order to review and explore some of the aspects of the investigation.
0604-005AA Sexual Assault Nurse Carolina Forensic Nurse 45.
The cash will also support the introduction of forensic nurse training.
After years of nursing and as a police forensic nurse she wanted a change of career and decided that the time was right to offer colonic therapy to the Huddersfield public.

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