Forensic Animation

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A computer-generated animation based on the forensic evidence presented by scene investigators and law enforcement officers, which may be shown in a court case
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Create precise measurements in a Poser scene - highly useful for product design, forensic animation and recreating real world scenes.
The video was made by the Evidence Room, a US company that specialises in forensic animation, and lawyers for the athlete said it was commissioned by his defence team and obtained illegally by the TV station.
Pistorius will call on at least four forensic scientists, and has hired a US forensic animation firm to digitally recreate the crime scene.
In a courtroom context the term often used to describe evidence presented in this format is forensic animation.
This is because, since its foundation in 2000, the Duke Street-based firm Elucidate has been quietly blazing a trail in the revolutionary field of forensic animation, turning on its head the way mediation, litigation and court room cases are settled in this country.
The company specializes in forensic animation - providing visual graphics suitable for use in court - and is the only firm of its kind in the north west.
Alexander Jason, CPP, a forensic animation specialist and ballistics consultant with ANITE Group of Pinole, CA, made courtroom history last February when he testified at the murder trial of Jim Mitchell.
is a fantastic application and it allows us to turn video, 3D animation, and even scanned documents into totally interactive DVDs very easily and in record time," said Stuart Gold, Owner/Director of Shadow and Light Productions, a Berkeley, California-based computer animation and DVD company specializing in the creation of forensic animation and multimedia.
Established in 1994 LAI is located in the Silicon Valley where they utilize state-of-the-art technology to produce some of the country's most compelling forensic animation.
Forensic animation is evidence that is presented to the jury through the use of moving pictures, typically on a television monitor or projection screen.
RECONSTRUCTING a highs peed crash inside a tunnel saw police turn to hi-tech forensic animation for the first time.
Sven's customers work in a variety of vertical markets, including industrial design, AEC, World Wide Web content development, film and video effects, game development, medical visualization, and forensic animation.
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