Frederick, U.S. physician, 1853-1913. See: Forchheimer sign.
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Whiteneck G, Meade MA, Dijkers M, Tate DG, Bushnik T, Forchheimer MB.
a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and the Leo and Julia Forchheimer Chair in Microbiology & Immunology at Einstein.
Ryan Clinesmith 3 4 10, Austin Pinckney 7 3 18, Tyson Hallowell 5 4 15, Eli Kell-Abrams 2 4 8, Mike Carbone 2 1 7, Mike Corcoran 0, John Geary 1 0 2, Jacob Forchheimer 1 0 3, Jay Kleinbart 0, Sean Duffy 0 1 1, Brian Hurley 3 0 6, Michael Sheng 0.
The above binomial known as Forchheimer equation where a and b are coefficients that are a function of the flow characteristics and porous medium, and are usually determined by laboratory tests [19].
Longterm use of denial and avoidance coping strategies may promote self-defeating behaviors such as smoking and substance abuse, delay in seeking medical care, or noncompliance with treatment and rehabilitation regimes (Tate, Forchheimer, Krause, Meade, & Bombardier, 2004).
In conjunction with Robert Forchheimer, Professor of Information Coding at LiU, Tybrandt has now taken the next step by developing chemical chips that also contain logic gates, such as NAND gates that allow for the construction of all logical functions.
One study investigated environmental barriers to participation as a significant source of frustrating limitations and consequent stress (Whiteneck, Mead, Dijkers, Tate, Bushnik, & Forchheimer, 2004).
These findings seem counter-intuitive and suggest a need for research exploring the differentiated experience of people with paraplegia (Buckelew, Frank, Elliot, Chaney, & Hewett, 1991; Stensman, 1994; Tate, Maynard, & Forchheimer, 1993; Trieschmann, 1992).
For a substantial number of disabled people, however, there is also a need for services and other forms of assistance, in order to facilitate community-based living (Mackelprang & Salsgiver, 1999; Mathews, 1990; McAweeney, Forchheimer, & Tate, 1996).
Elliot Forchheimer, director of camping, UJA-Federation of New York, New York City.
ESPN "Outside the Lines" - Captain Ronnie Forchheimer - ESPN's "Outside the Lines" is dedicated to insightful coverage of a variety of topics concerning all aspects of sports.
Professor Ingemar Ingemarsson started Sectra (SECure TRAnsmission) together with his three doctoral students, Viiveke Fak, Rolf Blom and Robert Forchheimer, to take on the assignment.