Frederick, U.S. physician, 1853-1913. See: Forchheimer sign.
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Contract notice: New kindergarten and hort forchheimer strae, Nuremberg - property planning according to hoai.
10]) showed that, depending on the pore-based Reynolds number, four different flow regimes can be distinguished in a generic porous medium: (a) Darcy, (b) Forchheimer, (c) post-Forchheimer, (d) fully turbulent regime.
Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a traumatic event that compromises physical, psychological and social well-being of patients, and shake substantial financial burden on health care systems (Saunders, Clarke, Tate, Forchheimer, & Krause, 2015).
Internal consistency cannot be calculated because the measure consists of only one item, but scales with single items, like VAS, are valid and extremely sensitive to changes in patient status (Tate, Forchheimer, Karana-Zebari, Chiodo, & Kendall Thomas, 2013).
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The above binomial known as Forchheimer equation where a and b are coefficients that are a function of the flow characteristics and porous medium, and are usually determined by laboratory tests [19].
With these instruments, the 'abnormality' of the disabled individuals' physical condition is tested (Hays, Hahn, & Marshall, 2002; Tate, Kalpakjian, & Forchheimer, 2002) based on their ability to accomplish two feats: move a table or climb stairs (Huppert & Whittington, 2003).