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n the attempt to predict the future on the basis of expert opinion, market research, trend projection, leading indicators, and other modalities.
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BEIRUT: Standard Chartered has revised downward its real GDP forcast for Lebanon to 3 percent for 2011.
For Sagitarrius (the millions of us living in this country alone), the career forcast is:
he also added that it is tough to forcast where there will be adequate bandwidth.
Thomas Vernon, 20, of Forcast Court, Dormanstown, given a six-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay pounds 40 costs for disorderly behaviour while drunk.
In addition to the retail market locally, the global one for interiors is forcast to be close to $200 billion (Dh734.
SOFIA's Faint Object InfraRed Camera, known as FORCAST, is a versatile camera that collects light from the visible, infrared and sub-millimeter portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, Harvey said.
The storm was forcast to hit southwest Pakistan on Sunday.
Director of Forcast Policies Abdulmalek Zubaidi was quoted by Algerian TV
Wintry showers in parts of northern and eastern Scotland are forcast for tomorrow.
Could Claire Petulengro please forcast when my eyes will be good enough to read the small print in her column?
But with a better weather forcast for Wednesday we have put the game back 24 hours.