Football Helmet

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A type of headgear worn by American football players which is made of hardened plastic and designed to withstand blows and impacts
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CHICAGO -- Good Sports, a national non-profit, and Riddell Sports, the Official Helmet of the National Football League[R], are bringing smiles to thousands of kids across the country with their donation of 1,000 new Riddell Revolution Speed football helmets.
Development continues on the proposed football helmet standard revision to include pneumatic ram testing for rotational forces.
The NOCSAE Football Helmet Standard was revised in 1977 to allow the reconditioners to recertify helmets according to their original NOCSAE certification.
Best-in-class head protection is a signature attribute of the Rawlings brand, and that core value is at the heart our new Rawlings NRG football helmet line," Parish said.
With the new NRG Tachyon helmet 5-Star rating, we see this as a validation of our product performance strategy to manufacture the protective products football helmet consumers demand," said David Hill, senior vice president and general manager of Rawlings' field and court division.
PHOTO (1--color--ran in Simi edition only) Justin Elementary fifth-grader Barbara Olson tries on a football helmet during a visit from Royal High players.
BOSTON, June 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) board of directors has approved a revised football helmet standard that will require helmets to be tested for certain concussion causing forces.
In June the NOCSAE board of directors will vote on a revised football helmet standard that will include testing procedures for specific forces directly associated with concussions.
It featured a little boy in a too-big uniform holding a football helmet while walking through the tunnel at Martin Stadium.
Would it be safer to wear a football helmet and pads in the pole vault?
With dice shaped like tiny footballs that look more like coffee beans, the eight pewter game pieces shaped like things such as a football helmet, a ball on a tee and a referee signaling a touchdown move around the board as usual.
Wearing a football helmet, Dustin Wells, 11, uses a baseball bat to whack a tennis ball in an equipment-confused game he and his sisters were playing outside their home in Vacaville on Sunday.