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At the extreme, this comes in the form of female genital mutilation, burkas and niqabs, purdah, foot binding, etc.
And while the show will feature shoes worn by or associated with famous icons including David Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, The Honorable Daphne Guinness, Queen Victoria and Kylie Minogue, it will also explore extreme footwear such as tiny 19th century lotus shoes made for the Chinese tradition of foot binding.
Reforms included eliminating the practice of foot binding, which had crippled women for over a thousand years, and implementing the policy of equal pay for equal work for men and women.
The oft-cited practice of foot binding shaped the female foot into a form that both pragmatically and symbolically signified her functional disqualification from labor.
However, Jung got an idea that she was not so enslaved to the past when she was researching the practice of foot binding for Wild Swans, the barbaric and deliberate malforming of girls' feet which her own grandmother had had to endure.
Volunteering in Hong Kong would also give me the opportunity to treat patients with certain conditions that I would not see here in the UK, such as Leprosy and Chinese foot binding, therefore increasing my podiatric knowledge.
In China, foot binding was a common practice for women from the 10th century onward, and did not fully end until the mid-1900s.
He ate a sausage that smelled like a coachman's foot binding and had the texture of 'a dog's tail smeared with tar'.
Indeed, as Appiah tells it, the sense of honor has driven some of the world's most important moral revolutions, including the abolition of slavery in the United Kingdom and the end of female foot binding in China.
It includes furthermore forms such as bride burning, domestic violence, so-called honour killings, female genital mutilation, foot binding, forced prostitution, human trafficking, murder of pregnant women, so called corrective rope of non-conformist women, and violence against prostitutes.
Like many Chinese women, Moy had undergone the painful process of foot binding as a child.
Foot binding was officially banned in 1912 but families continued the practice, especially in remote areas.