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The Sahibs will be given food as they need it - nor will the people ask money.
Yet that the soil of the valley was tilled was evident and that these things had food was equally so.
For they all frolic about your temple continually, delighting in the fat of sacrifice and in all kinds of food.
It is thus with all the lower orders--their lives are so occupied either with searching for food or with the processes of digestion that they have little time for other considerations.
The grass food, though very good, was not the thing to keep up my condition without corn.
The bitterness of it was the daily food and drink of Jurgis.
Mester Colin says if he keeps sendin' for more food they won't believe he's an invalid at all.
The snows fell and melted, yet he never returned; and at last the heart of the girl grew cold and hard, and her little boy became a burden in her eyes, till one day she spoke thus to him: 'See, there is food for many days to come.
Little John stooped and peered through the hole to see what food lay within reach, when crack
I divided the food in the pantry, into rations to last us ten days.
She replied, 'Go farther into the wood until you come to a house, wherein lives an old woman; she will offer you food and drink, but you must not take of either; if you do, you will fall into a deep sleep, and will not be able to help me.
I was reasonably hungry and thirsty by this time, not having tasted food or drink since the day prior to my incarceration.