Francois M., mid-20th-century French thoracic surgeon. See: Fontan procedure, Fontan operation.
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Risk Factors for Liver Disease in Survivors of Fontan Operation Hepatic fibrosis, a condition in which scar tissue forms in the liver, is increasingly recognized as a long-term consequence of the circulation created by the Fontan operation.
Address : DRN ex Clinique Fontan 2eme etage rue du Professeur Laguesse
Anbar, and especially Fallujah, is like Asterix's village," said Victoria Fontan, a professor at American University Duhok Kurdistan, referring to an unconquerable town in the French comic book series.
And Mme Fontan does not believe that Al Smith, the Democratic candidate for president in 1928, is actually a Catholic, an explicit political reference.
Sarah Bugier, Emmanuel Dedome, Eleonore Fontan, Franck Ceppa, and Herve Delacour *
Improvements in antenatal diagnosis, and corrective measures such as the Fontan procedure, have significantly decreased the morbidity and mortality in patients that are candidates for this type of treatment.
At four to six months, doctors could have carried out a Glenn procedure and then at two to five years she could have had open heart surgery in a technique called Fontan.
And in August last year, George had ground-breaking stage three Fontan surgery lasting 13 hours at the Children's Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle.
The Sunday People said the data has now been updated and shows one death from Fontan procedures within 30 days of the op and two deaths, which includes Luke, for 2011/12.
Luke, who had gone in for a Fontan procedure to correct a heart defect, was on the records as "alive" until December 2013 - 20 months after he died.
Lenfatik tikaniklik Crohn hastaligi, sarkoidoz, lenfoma gibi durumlarda olusurken; lenf basincinda yukselme konjestif kalp yetersizligi, konstriktif perikardit ve Fontan operasyonu gibi kalp hastaliklarina ikincil olarak gelisir.