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Anton, Swiss physician, 1881-1968. See: Fonio solution.
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The program will focus on the management of soil fertility in the maize and fonio (Boukoumb) sector, and in particular on the storage of maize and the valorization of the crop.
Physical and sensory characteristics of sugar cookies containing mixtures of wheat, fonio (Digitaria exilis) and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) flours.
Balde NM, Besancon S and TA Sidibe Glycemic Index Fonio (Digitaria exilis) interested in feeding in diabetic subjects in West Africa.
The area had been home to a host of African shops selling palm oil and fonio, and restaurants which cooked djebu jen.
Fonio, a couscous-like grain eaten in Senegal, Nigeria and other West African countries, and which is said to be the oldest cultivated grain in the world, is coming to America.
12) qui designe une sorte de bouille tres consistant obtenue en melangeant de la farine de cereales, en particulier de sorgho ou de mais, de mil, de fonio avec de l'eau chaude.
En esa epoca temprana, los principales alimentos eran el mijo, el arroz y el mijo fonio en la sabana, y el name y la palma de aceite en el bosque [.
Traditionally, we eat rice prepared with chicken, meat or fish mixed with vegetables, fonio [a popular West African grain] and porridge.
les taches rituelles du poro sont appelees << travaux de la mere du sinzang >> et, comme on les chante au moment de son kafo (7), << ils sont nombreux comme des grains de fonio >>.
5% of GDP): Products--rice, cassava, fonio, millet, corn, coffee, cocoa, bananas, palm products, pineapples, livestock, forestry.
For example, according to IRIN, the United Nations' news agency, in Senegal people are reverting to an ancient grain called fonio to help them through the current food crisis.