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Anton, Swiss physician, 1881-1968. See: Fonio solution.
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Now Thiam, owner of a New York catering company that has prepared food with an African twist for former President Clinton, the Disney Corporation and others, is determined to introduce Americans to fonio, a grain ancient Egyptians arranged to have buried with them when they died so they had tasty food in the afterlife.
The area had been home to a host of African shops selling palm oil and fonio, and restaurants which cooked djebu jen.
Projet CFC/IGG : Improving post-harvest processing of fonio.
Fonio De-Husker, Sanoussi Diakite: Sanoussi Diakite invented the first machine for mechanical removal of husks from fonio grain - a staple grain in West Africa, but one that is difficult to process.
Musa H, Muazu J and PG Bhatia Evaluation of fonio (Digitaria exilis) starch as a binder in paracetamol tablets.
Cookies with high sensory ratings have been produced from blends of wheat and fonio [6], millet and pigeon pea [7], wheat and plantain [8] and maize and pigeon pea [9].
Consumption of, and beliefs about fonio (digitaria exilis) in urban area in Mali.
Five months after being awarded $25,000 in the IPA 2013's social impact category, Diakite used the funds to continue his work by creating the fonio harvesting machine.
Important food security grains such as fonio, a crop widely eaten in the Sahel region of West Africa, will also benefit from the existence of FAST.
Traditionally, we eat rice prepared with chicken, meat or fish mixed with vegetables, fonio [a popular West African grain] and porridge.
5% of GDP): Products--rice, cassava, fonio, millet, corn, coffee, cocoa, bananas, palm products, pineapples, livestock, forestry.