Foley, Frederic E.B.

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Frederic E.B., U.S. urologist, 1891-1966.
Foley acorn-bulb catheter
Foley bag
Foley balloon catheter
Foley catheter - a catheter with a retaining balloon.
Foley cone-tip catheter
Foley forceps
Foley hemostatic bag
Foley operation - Synonym(s): Foley Y-plasty pyeloplasty
Foley plate
Foley pyeloplasty
Foley three-way catheter
Foley ureteropelvioplasty
Foley vas isolation forceps
Foley Y-plasty pyeloplasty - a reconstructive procedure for correction of ureteropelvic obstruction. Synonym(s): Foley operation
Foley Y-type ureteropelvioplasty
Foley Y-V pyeloplasty
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CHICAGO--Inflating a transcervical Foley balloon catheter to 60 mL is more effective at inducing labor than standard inflation to 30 mL, based on data from the prospective LIFT study.
We describe a patient with a traumatic anterior ethmoidal artery bleed on whom a cricket helmet was used to provide traction after posterior nasal packing with a Foley balloon catheter.
The multi-year business development agreement/strategic alliance is comprised of three project phases, project development, prototype and commercial production (OEM manufacturing) for the development and production of an antimicrobial Foley balloon catheter.
The antimicrobial Foley balloon catheter utilizes patented "Oligon(tm) Technology", which is licensed to Diagnostic Ultrasound by Implemed, Inc.
2] gel to a Foley balloon catheter significantly cut the time needed for cervical ripening in nulliparous women, compared with using a Foley catheter and no prostaglandin in a controlled study of 125 women.
4) If this is unsuccessful, the object may be removed with a nasal grasping forceps, a curved right-angle hook, suction, or a Foley balloon catheter.