Foley, Frederic E.B.

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Frederic E.B., U.S. urologist, 1891-1966.
Foley acorn-bulb catheter
Foley bag
Foley balloon catheter
Foley catheter - a catheter with a retaining balloon.
Foley cone-tip catheter
Foley forceps
Foley hemostatic bag
Foley operation - Synonym(s): Foley Y-plasty pyeloplasty
Foley plate
Foley pyeloplasty
Foley three-way catheter
Foley ureteropelvioplasty
Foley vas isolation forceps
Foley Y-plasty pyeloplasty - a reconstructive procedure for correction of ureteropelvic obstruction. Synonym(s): Foley operation
Foley Y-type ureteropelvioplasty
Foley Y-V pyeloplasty
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Must Have A Foley Bag Holder (hook) And Iv Pole Bracket Attached.