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1. a colloid system in which the dispersion medium is a gas and the dispersed particles are liquid.
2. an artifact seen on a radiograph caused by unintentional exposure to reducing contrast.


(fog) a colloid system in which the dispersion medium is a gas and the disperse particles are liquid.


Droplets dispersed in the atmosphere or a respiratory device.


Abbreviation for freezing of gait.

light fog

(līt fawg)
Black areas seen on a radiograph when a film is exposed to white light before processing.
Synonym(s): fog.

fog (fogging),

fog, chemical,
n See film fault.
fog, dyschroic,
fog, light,
n See film fault.
fog, radiation,
n the film darkening caused by radiation from sources other than intentional exposure to the primary beam; e.g., film may be exposed to scatter radiation, or accidental exposure may occur if stored film is not protected from radiation.


1. a colloid system in which the dispersion medium is a gas and the dispersed particles are liquid.
2. regrowth after harvesting of a cereal crop. Called also aftermath, feg.
3. obscuring opacity on an x-ray film.

basic fog
blackening of an unexposed x-ray film after development.
x-ray fog
local or general exposure to extraneous radiation, light or chemical action which is additional to the true photographic image. Leads to spoiling of the x-ray image.

Patient discussion about fog

Q. In what way the brain fog symptom associated with fibromyalgia? In what way the brain fog symptom associated with fibromyalgia? What are the other symptoms of fibromyalgia?

A. memory loss is also associated with Fibromyalgia...lack of concentration and you just feel like you are in a fog...can't remember....can't think. Our standing joke at my house is "I am in the "fog" today. The one thing my doctor ALWAYS reminds me of fibro affects people differently, remember you may not have all the sympoms or you may have ones others don't but fibromyalgia is widespread pain that has lasted 3 months or more, it is pain of the fibrous tissue - ligiments, tendons and muscles. You feel stiff and achy all over. There are trigger points such as neck, shoulders, spine and hips. Chronic fatigue taht is possibly related to the disturbed sleep patterns. Most suffers I have talked to have restless leg syndrome and headaches. Irritable bowl is associated but on that one I am lucky I haven't had the problem but have had swolling problems and vision problems...I hope this helps. Good Luck!

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This is especially necessary during foggy weather as visibility is poor and maintaining control over the vehicle is trickier.
No further flight disruptions are expected Sunday morning given there is no possibility of foggy weather, a weather forecaster told Gulf News.
MULTAN -- The foggy weather will persist ten more days across the South Punjab as there was no rain in sight during the same period.
BAy[currency]DAT (CyHAN)- Taking the advantage of foggy weather, Islamic State in Iraq and The Levant (ISIL) militants launched an attack from four different directions to northern Iraqi province of Kirkuk starting from late hours on Tuesday.
On Tuesday, Dubai recorded 289 road accidents from 3:00 am to noon, ranging from minor and moderate to serious due to the foggy weather conditions, the Traffic Police has revealed, adding that the Command and Control Centre received 2,200 calls during that period.
The office of the Meteorological department has warned of a thick fog in the capital from mid-week and there are reports that the foggy weather will continue to cover Delhi for at least four hours on Thursday morning.
The cockpit will be equipped with Flight Dynamic's "Fog Buster" Head-Up Guidance system for superior reliability in foggy weather, a technology Horizon pioneered for regional airlines in 1995.
RAWALPINDI -- City Traffic Police (CTP) has urged the motorists to drive carefully on the roads observing road safety rules and avoid unnecessary travel on motorways and highways during foggy weather.
Abu Dhabi: Police officials are studying a plan to provide early warnings during foggy weather to motorists about any traffic incidents ahead of them, the Abu Dhabi Police announced on Saturday.
In Al Ain, traffic Police have distributed pamphlets and brochures, advising motorists on safe driving during unstable and foggy weather conditions.
After a week of foggy weather, strong winds will push sand dust from the south of Iraq towards the north of the country, spreading out over the day and reducing visibility to 3000 metres on land, a National Meteorology and Seismology Centre spokesman said.
As an answer to a question that his visit coincided with the most dirty and foggy weather of Beijing, the main opposition leader said "Let's not go into the problems of Beijing; we have enough in our country.