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My fellow singer Russ Spencer had an idea that developed into Flying the Flag.
But university sociologist Dr Anthony King said flying the flag was about more than just supporting David Beckham and his World Cup hopefuls.
He is impatient with critics and skeptics generally, not just the ones who cringe at the idea of flying the flag, and he cannot bring himself to acknowledge that the United States has ever been anything but a force for good.
A spokesman for the university said there was no specific ban on students flying the flag of St George.
Instead, ships serving the region's trade lanes-and the world's ocean routes-are flying the flags of Panama, Honduras, even Belize.
Santos unveiled the Blue Star Corporate Flag to inspire America's business and industry leaders to join The American Legion in honoring those in military service by flying the flag in every corporation, government office, business and plant in America.
Former Army medic and club member Alan Dugmore said: "When a soldier dies, we want to show our respect by flying the flag at halfmast.
Kirkby-born Aiden was the youngest to be awarded a Michelin Star, and has been flying the flag for Merseyside in the BBC's Great British Menu.
Ms Singh complains that she feels inhibited from flying the flag of St George because it offends some people (she neglects to inform us as to who exactly is the disgruntled party here).
And the song played permanently on Beelzebub's jukebox will be Scooch's Flying The Flag.
I don't think any Scots are upset at England flying the flag of St George.
It was co-opted by far right groups and synonymous with organisations like the BNP, and that has put people off flying the flag for quite a while.