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But the strings are still extensively used in many parts of the country for flying kites.
He speaks passionately of his love for flying kites and his desire to promote the fun of kite flying for everyone.
Hundreds of people in the eastern Pakistan city of Lahore defied a ban on flying kites, dotting the sky with colour to mark the beginning of the spring festival according to tradition, an official said.
Encourage students to use many vocabulary words to describe kites and flying kites.
Mary Poppins never fell on her face while flying kites with the Banks children.
Flying kites and watching them glide takes people back to childhood, said Thrall, an Intel technician.
This charming story is a snippet of Brown's own childhood spent flying kites with his family, painting pictures and frolicking with Bark, his mischievous dog whose favorite game was "Chase Mama's Cat.
Paul Wong, 47, was grounded by police after flying kites at over 2,000 metres.
Local authorities have set up special ''kite patrols'' to try and persuade locals from flying kites on hillsides near the landing strip, it said.
Local authorities have set up special kite patrols in an attempt to stop locals from flying kites on hillsides near the landing strip.
Yesterday's launch included pupils of Ysgol Hirael, Bangor, flying kites from the city's pier.
Our children were fortunate that their father had all the time in the world for them - making and flying kites, taking them into the woods to look for conkers, hours of picking blackberries with them and going for long walks with one in a pushchair and the other two sharing a three-wheeler bike.