fluid intelligence

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The ability to form concepts, reason and identify similarities; it is intuitive and represents the activity involved when forming new mental structures rather than making use of old ones. It includes the ability to see complex relationships and solve problems, and it can decline with age if not 'exercised'

flu·id in·tel·li·gence

(flūid in-teli-jĕns)
Ability to reason quickly and think abstractly; a combination of reasoning and abstract thought
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In 1941, Cattell originally proposed the existence of both fluid and crystallized intelligence (McGrew, 2005).
Although many adherents of CHC theory evaluate children's abilities using standardized tests, and many schools provide appropriate testing for enrollees, teachers' good observational skills within the school context can assist in differentiating students' abilities in fluid and crystallized intelligence, quantitative knowledge, visual and auditory processing, and reading and writing readiness (Wendling & Mather, 2009).