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n a graphic representation of a sequence of operations using symbols to represent the operations. Flowcharts often symbolize the most important steps of the process with-out detailing the algorithm of the way the work is to be performed.
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161) Because the increases in visual reasoning and clarity provided by flowcharts cannot fully address the problems caused by unclear language or faulty logic, the language contained in flowchart verdict sheets should follow the psycholinguistic principles discussed above to minimize juror confusion and maximize juror comprehension.
During 2004 there was no documentation cited of known or unknown drug allergies or adverse drug reactions on all 30 flowcharts.
The benefits that students derive by creating electronic flowcharts can be gained with little to no cost other than the instructor's start-up time; most programs already have the software available in their spreadsheet applications.
For laboratorians, GP2-A5 explains how to flowchart work processes, how to identify the procedures that support those processes, and provides examples of those processes and procedures.
Lichtenthal and his group also found that the flowcharts were easier to update than text-based process documentation.
The two flowcharts greatly facilitate the decision-making process necessary to properly adjust any of the four general ledger accounts that may be potentially affected:
Amid snappy flowcharts and impressively footnoted diagrams, we learn that no one is born homosexual, no one chooses to have same-sex attractions, anyone can choose to change, what was learned can be unlearned, and, my favorite, "It's not gay nor bad, it's SSAD--Same-Sex Attachment Disorder.
With Visio 2000, IRS workers can produce commonly used business diagrams such as organization charts or flowcharts.
With flowcharts, error recovery happens differently," stresses Burns.
Features of the program include: On-screen flowcharts of estate planning scenarios and results; easy data entry; liquidity reports for each scenario; explanation text for each screen and scenario; printed client "take home" reports; ability to compare scenarios side-by-side; automatic date of death calculations; growth rates and calculated administrative expenses for both decedent and survivor.