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Marie Jean Pierre, French physiologist, 1794-1867. See: Flourens theory.
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Flourens, in consequence of the rabbits, cats, and guinea-pigs they have killed?
The GP7200 engine has been performing very well on the A380," said Alain Flourens, Airbus Executive Vice President, A380 Program.
In 1824 French physiologist Marie Jean Pierre Flourens was the first to theorize that an injured nerve could be bypassed, "joining the superior end of one nerve with the inferior end of the other and visa versa.
Hunter, The Anthropological Treatises of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach: With Memoirs of Him by Marx and Flourens and an Account of his Anthropological Museum by John Hunter, M.
Executive VP in charge of the A320 program Alain Flourens succeeds Heinen.
The new head of the A380 programme is Alain Flourens, who has been the company's executive vice president in charge of the A320 Family programme since September 2006.
Alain Flourens, executive VP and head of Airbus's Centers of Excellence, will take over Heinen's role and Champion will remain as a special adviser to CEO Christian Streiff.
That recurring noise is compelling evidence that biologists have finally identified what French physiologist Jean Pierre Marie Flourens more than a century ago called the noeud vital--the vital node.
Its adoption as the pop psychology of the day, the confidence of its primary protagonists, and the proliferation of quack practitioners ignited opposition and led to the debunking efforts of a number of serious scientists, such as Pierre Flourens, and to a backlash against fu nctional localization known as globalism (i.
It named 51-year-old Alain Flourens as head of the A380 program, replacing Mario Heinen, who will head the planemaker's cross-border center of excellence for fuselage and cabins.
Contractor address : Parc Euromedecine Extension, 95 rue Pierre Flourens