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11) Contrary to these findings, in a retrospective study following 814 shoulder arthroplasties, Florschutz and associates (12) found no significant difference in infection rates when comparing primary reverse total shoulder arthroplasty to primary anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty.
Matsuda, the exhibiting sculptors are James Burnes of Weston; Linc Cornell of Natick; Fern Cunningham of Hanson; James Florschutz of Newfane, Vt.
Also content with the older gallery district are Rafael Vostell, who promotes young artists like Constantin Ciervo alongside his father of Fluxist fame, Wolf Vostell; and the Nikolaus Sonne gallery, where the work of the East Berlin photographer Thomas Florschutz hangs beside Warhol and Koons.
Dick Florschutz, President, and Karin Florschutz, VP, Finances, the owners of the GDA companies, also serve on the Management Committee, as do two key people from GDA Digital Media: Mike Russell, Director, Creative Development, and Karl Florschutz, Director, R&D.