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subtropical swamp area located in southern Florida.
Everglades virus - virus producing symptoms from mild influenza-like illness to encephalitis syndrome; found only in the state of Florida.
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Mapping invasive plant distributions in the Florida Everglades using the digital aerial sketch mapping technique.
Claudia G may be in the Florida Everglades feeding an albino alligator one day and in Hollywood the next covering a TV executive who left the hustle and bustle behind to become a Buddhist monk.
The gene pool of beleaguered Florida Everglades panthers will be bolstered, it is hoped, when they meet and mate with a pair of mountain lions relocated from Texas.
Two and a half years ago, Secretary of Interior Bruce Babbit announced a plan to restore the Florida Everglades he called "the most important ecosystem restoration plan in our history.
Alligators can live up to 80 years in their native habitat, such as the Florida Everglades, and grow even bigger than Samson currently is.
The Sierra Club has been instrumental in preserving wilderness, wildlife and some of nature's most beautiful wild places for over 100 years Co Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, the Florida Everglades and the Sequoia National Monument to name just a few Co helping protect over 150 million acres of wilderness and wildlife habitat.
and a 14-day study of Florida Everglades ecology and the impact of hurricanes and fires on native animal and plant life.
It is situated within six miles of the Broward County Arena, nine miles of the Pro Player Stadium and 12 miles from the Florida Everglades, the Broward Convention Center and Ft.
After the deadly crash of a ValuJet DC-9 into the Florida Everglades, the FAA ruled that all commercial aircraft must have fire detection and suppression equipment in the cargo hold.
Since her appointment in 1994, McGinty has worked to reform and speed up Superfund cleanup programs; helped shape the Pacific Northwest forest plan; worked on the Florida Everglades restoration program recently signed into law by the president; promoted the development of environmental technologies; and championed environmental health initiatives.
The partnerships forming from Alaska's Kenai River to the Florida Everglades are demonstrating a process for making management decisions which include local people whose experiences have generally been ignored.

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