Homo Floresiensis

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A recently discovered—first published in 2004—species of the phylogenetic tribe Homini—which comprises Homo sapiens and two species of chimpanzees—found on the island of Flores in Indonesia. Researchers unearthed remains from 8 individuals measuring ±1 meter tall and having grapefruit-sized skulls. The remains were carbon dated as having lived 18,000 years ago. Despite controversy surrounding the discovery, cladistic analysis supports the assertion that H floresiensis is a species a sui generis
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While that's still one theory, Brown now leans toward the more striking idea that Flores man represents a direct link to the much more ancient australopithecines, a notion that raises all sorts of interesting speculation because australopithecine fossils have never been found outside of Africa.
Until just recently, we had no evidence this new species of human even existed," said Bert Roberts, a leading scientist on the discovery of Flores Man.
Scientists are baffled as to exactly how Flores Man is related to us.
HUNTER: Flores man with food; TINY: Flores skull, left
Yet evidence suggests Flores Man made stone tools, lit fires and organized group hunts for meat.
Whether Flores Man crossed paths with modern humans is uncertain.