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And Florence is also earning millions after just two albums.
Those drivers, however, are in luck -- Mike Reichenbach Volkswagen of Florence has a full inventory of new VW models to choose from.
Florence currently collects a $5-per-household monthly fee for streets, added to residents' water bills - $3 for maintenance, $2 for street lighting.
We have only been back three times since we moved to Australia and Florence doesn't like flying but a lot of our family are still here.
Sibley recognizes that Florence Harding's reputation is bad.
At the age of 18 Florence met Herbert Scotson, known as Bert to his friends, at the Presbyterian Church in Port Clarence.
All the available surviving writing of Florence Nightingale will be published in The Collected Works of Florence Nightingale--most for the first time.
With a mind still sharp as a tack, Florence can tell you exactly how she felt as a 9-year-old picking up the morning newspaper and reading about the Titanic sinking.
Florence bought and sold 56 companies over his career.
Tour buses and private car services shuttle shoppers from Florence to The Mall (Via Europa 8 in Leccio Reggello; 39-055-865-7775).
I'd first heard of it while visiting Florence years before.
Can you tell me about ballet classes in Florence, Italy?