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floppy, floppy disk

See diskette.
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The fast-moving world of technology has made floppy disks virtually redundant just 36 years after they were invented, the chain said.
uk said the end of floppy disks could cause problems for those with data stored on them, but claimed some shops will enable data to be transferred to a new storage format.
Developed to simplify access to mass storage devices, the patented PFS technology is particularly suitable for drive-letter addressable removable media devices such as tapes, removable hard disks, floppy disks, and CD-R devices.
A floppy disk, usually just called a disk, is a thin plate of flexible (floppy) plastic that is coated with a layer of magnetic material.
The hard disk acts as a giant floppy disk, storing hundreds of times more information than a floppy, yet serves the same basic purpose as floppy disks, with three key differences:
A final concern is that since the production of floppy disks has begun to decrease, demand for nonwoven liners is also decreasing.
The program is supposed to copy important system configuration files from Windows 95 to a floppy disk or elsewhere and restore some settings in some cases, but Microsoft's Web site admits that it does not always work correctly.
However, there is a partial software solution that lets you find and handle files much as you would floppy disks.
Before working with CD-ROM, look into whether it makes more sense to distribute on a floppy disk, on a series of floppy disks, on a Syquest or magneto-optical cartridge, or via modem over an online service.
based image and data storage giant, says Verbatim has the manufacturing capacity to meet its branded and private label commitments for floppy disks.
Some backup systems make copies of the files to floppy disks, while others utilize tape cartridges.
The drives eliminate the inconvenience of lugging around countless floppy disks or CDs, and can be simply carried on a key chain, backpack or briefcase.