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To protect homes, the Government must increase investment in flood defences from pounds 500million a year to pounds 750million, rising to pounds 1billion in the future, he added.
This series of weather events over the past two months has caused some quite serious damage to our flood defences.
People have told me that flood defences for Lustrum Beck have been discussed for more than a decade, but I am quietly confident that the vital need - as demonstrated by the impacts in 2012 - will finally be recognised.
A spokesperson for Denbighshire said they were working on a "position statement" that would clarify whether all the specified flood defence works were done on Glasdir.
THREE 100-year-old flood defences have been uncovered during work.
ABI's Jane Milne says: "We want to see greater use of flood prevention or reduction products, and encourage property owners to press their local authorities and MPs for better flood defences
A report into the recent storms indicated that our flood defence programme is working well, as despite the extreme weather that has battered Wales in the last three months, less than 1% of at risk homes in Wales have actually flooded.
We commissioned Natural Resources Wales to conduct a flood review following the December and January storms; it suggests that without the investment into flood defences over the past 10 years, the impact of the recent storms on coastal communities would have been considerably higher, with an increased risk of loss of life.
ASENIOR Conservative claims it was "remarkable" Britain's flood defences held to the extent they did, insisting the Government must review its repair budget.
MILLIONS of pounds will be spent improving flood defences in two Teesside areas.
He added that the Environment Agency had called for flood defence spending to be doubled during the next 25 years.
TWO more North Wales towns are to benefit from flood defence schemes thanks to pounds 13.