critical flicker fusion frequency

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crit·i·cal flick·er fu·sion fre·quen·cy

the minimal number of flashes of light per second at which an intermittent light stimulus no longer stimulates a continuous visual sensation.
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Negative relation between critical flicker fusion frequency and such parameters of visual perception as channel capacity of visual system and visual information processing may seem to be paradoxical because according to the canon of sensor physiology, the higher is the frequency characteristics of the communication channel, the higher its channel capacity [7].
Three separate procedures were conducted to test for treatment effects on visual function: responses to increasing light intensities (V-log I response curves), flicker fusion frequency, and spectral sensitivity.
Flicker fusion frequencies were determined by using five-second sinusoidal light stimulus trains, followed by five seconds of darkness.
Differences in the mean flicker fusion frequency data collected during the day and night were tested with paired-t tests (SigmaStat 3.
There were no day-night differences in the flicker fusion frequencies for either black rockfish or Pacific halibut.
We found no differences in light sensitivity (V-log I response curves), flicker fusion frequency, or spectral sensitivity between control and experimental fish.