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TODAY NATIONAL OF SARDINIA 1789: The crew of HMS Bounty, led by Fletcher Christian, mutinied in the Friendly Islands in the South Seas, sailing for the Pitcairn Islands.
In the Anglo-Saxon world, and in Watt's piece for Apollo, Maugham's Strickland has become the accepted image of Gauguin: Mr Pooter transfigured into Fletcher Christian.
A highlight is a visit to Pitcairn Island, where Fletcher Christian brought the HMS Bounty following a mutiny against Captain Bligh.
1789: Fletcher Christian led the mutiny on the Bounty.
HMS Bounty, famous for the 1789 mutiny between Captain Bligh and Master Mate Fletcher Christian in the South Pacific, was recreated in 1960 by MGM for the 1962 film, Mutiny on the Bounty.
Led by the captain's second-in-command, Fletcher Christian, the mutiny was in apparent reaction to hostility to the captain, the privations of the long voyage, and reluctance to leave the haven of Tahiti .
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, March 2004: Fletcher Christian, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Mary Wollstonecraft--these are names readers may not be familiar with, but this story will be an introduction to them.
The island was settled following the infamous 1789 mutiny led by Fletcher Christian on the English ship, the Bounty.
Second place ($30,000) went to Lauren Millar of Omni Film Productions, for Finding Fletcher Christian.
Gibson teamed with Peter Weir again for "The Year of Living Dangerously," then made his American debut in "The River," played the mutineer Fletcher Christian in Roger Donaldson's "The Bounty," performed as the young convict in Gillian Armstrong's "Mrs.
THE most famous is the Mutiny on the Bounty of 1787, when sailors led by Fletcher Christian played by Marlon Brando, left, in the Hollywood version captured the ship.
Cockermouth, on the north western outskirts of the Lake District in Cumbria, is famed for its connections with English poet William Wordsworth and Fletcher Christian of the HMS Bounty.