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surname of the patient in whom the defect was first noted.
Fletcher defect - slow contact activation in coagulation of the blood.
Fletcher factor - factor found in coagulation studies, revealing a slow contact activation but not associated with bleeding abnormalities. Synonym(s): prekallikrein
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Durant defeated Graham Fletcher, John Watson, Dennis Coleman and Arthur Dobey, who had previously taken out a 156 finish in the early rounds.
We expect the young players to improve a lot - not just Rooney and Ronaldo but Nani and Anderson as well, and we expect more from Darren Fletcher, John O'Shea, Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidic.
We have a lot more players to choose from now who can come into the side and do a job when needed - the likes of Carl Fletcher, John Oster and Carl Robinson, who were excellent in midfield.
Steven Fletcher, John Collins, Russell Latapy and Andy Goram are among those in the Legends team.
ROY KEANE: In 2005 Keane upset Fergie with remarks about the quality of a group of players including Darren Fletcher, John O'Shea and Rio Ferdinand.
Emmerdale are hoping Kelvin Fletcher, John Middleton and James Hooton have a look-in.
Nemanja Vidic is back but Darren Fletcher, John O'Shea and Rafael are out.
Intimidation Since he left, players such as Darren Fletcher, John O'Shea and Alan Smith have performed with more freedom, revelling in the absence of Irish intimidation and the constant threat of piercing criticism.
The likes of Darren Fletcher, John O'Shea and Kieran Richardson, even Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, are all much more experienced now, and that can only bode well for the club.