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surname of the patient in whom the defect was first noted.
Fletcher defect - slow contact activation in coagulation of the blood.
Fletcher factor - factor found in coagulation studies, revealing a slow contact activation but not associated with bleeding abnormalities. Synonym(s): prekallikrein
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Fletcher was one of two motorists who hit Kimery, 74, and then fled the scene.
Little asked the John Key Government to explain the mystery behind his quitting and wondered whether Fletcher had been told of "something disagreeable" in the upcoming review of the security agencies that made him quit the job.
Fletcher was fast asleep when she was awakened by the sound of her dog barking.
Fletcher went to grade school in Grady, where he was named to the All-State basketball team in eighth and ninth grades.
Liverpool Crown Court heard during Fletcher Snr's steroid peddling he tried to keep a safe distance by turning his son, also called Paul Fletcher, 26, into a criminal and letting him "get his hands dirty".
This weekend saw the culmination of months of hard work as 40 family members of the current extended Fletcher clan gathered in the capital due to the work of the South Wales Fletchers that have unearthed their family history.
And now, a full 216 years after Phillip Fletcher was baptised at St Fagans in 1795, his descendants have gathered in Cardiff from across the globe to mark the family name's remarkable journey.
Boss Harry Redknapp hopes to edge out Rangers and Celtic by giving Fletcher an unexpected chance to play in the Premier League and Europe.
Fletcher, SDDC commander, exchanges coins with Maj.
The 85,000 s/f new Timex headquarters building earned Fletcher Thompson the AIA Merit Award for its incorporation of nature and energy efficient design.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, March 2004: Fletcher Christian, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Mary Wollstonecraft--these are names readers may not be familiar with, but this story will be an introduction to them.
Jennifer Fletcher, who wept as friends pleaded for her life, will join her husband, Matthew Fletcher, behind bars.