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surname of the patient in whom the defect was first noted.
Fletcher defect - slow contact activation in coagulation of the blood.
Fletcher factor - factor found in coagulation studies, revealing a slow contact activation but not associated with bleeding abnormalities. Synonym(s): prekallikrein
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Fletcher, who was seven months pregnant when the wreck occurred, returned to the crash scene a short time after the initial collision, defense attorney Greg Gill said.
Little credited Fletcher for having done a "reasonably good job" by leading the spying agency and recalled during his stint New Zealand had not experienced the sort of cyber-attacks witnessed overseas.
She pushed me up and started throwing things at me and it went from there and I shot," Fletcher said.
Fletcher went to the University of Arkansas and joined the Kappa Sigma fraternity.
Also part of Fletcher's Class C supply chain were his cousin and talented athlete, shot-putter Carl Fletcher, 28, and semi-professional rugby player Terry Bridge, 23.
This weekend saw the culmination of months of hard work as 40 family members of the current extended Fletcher clan gathered in the capital due to the work of the South Wales Fletchers, who have unearthed their remarkable family history.
Scotland cap Fletcher, 21, could be tempted to head for FA Cup winners Pompey - even if he will have to fight for a place in the starting line-up.
Fletcher could have been forgiven for being tempted by Birmingham boss Alex McLeish's enquiry about him in January.
Ernie Fletcher was elected in 2003 on a pledge to 'clean up the mess in Frankfort.
Fletcher, SDDC commander, exchanges coins with Maj.
Competition among colleges and universities is strong, and often the housing a school offers is a key determining factor for prospective students," says Peter Visentin, associate principal and director of Fletcher Thompson's College and University Practice Group.
Jennifer Fletcher, who wept as friends pleaded for her life, will join her husband, Matthew Fletcher, behind bars.