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Bruno, German ophthalmologist, 1874-1965. See: Fleischer ring, Fleischer vortex, Kayser-Fleischer ring, Fleischer-Strümpell ring.
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Editors Harris and Fleisher present readers with a collection of academic and professional research perspectives on international corporate and public affairs management.
Eric Fleisher, the players' agents, shared that the two were on a team-funded break in Dubai when US President Donald Trump signed the executive order barring refugees and citizens from seven Muslim-dominated countries, including Iran, from entering United States territory.
For more than 50 years, Leon Fleisher has made his way to this private sanctuary several times weekly to nurture and guide those fortunate enough to be invited into this room and into his world.
Fleisher for his interest in my 2016 Update on Menopause.
In addition, as part of the association, David Fleisher will be named co-branch manager of AXA Advisors' Philadelphia branch, joining Timothy J.
Fleisher) are experienced academics, Wynne-Jones is a Swahili archaeologist at the University of York, specializing in East African coastal urbanism, material culture and social practice; and Fleisher is a professor at Rice University and director of the Rice University Archaeological Field School.
On Yom Kippur in 1929, Louis Fleisher, Harry Fleisher, and Henry Shorr attended services at Orthodox Congregation B'nai David in Northwest Detroit.
Jonah Fleisher reported at the annual meeting of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
Agricultural Research Service agricultural engineer David Fleisher and colleagues wanted to measure how potato plants would respond to elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide (C[O.
Roy Katz and Tanya Fleisher started Winter Session as a side project in 2010, making aprons from thrift store finds when they weren't working as an architect or studying fiber at the Art Institute of Chicago, respectively.
Keywell shot Sutker, Milberg shot Paul, and Fleisher shot Leibowitz.
Peter Fleisher, Google's Global Privacy Counsel, wrote to Steve Eckersley, the head of enforcement at the ICO, saying "Google has recently confirmed that it still has in its possession a small portion of payload data collected by our Street View vehicles, and that the firm apologizes for this error.