Felix, Austrian-American radiologist, 1893-1969. See: Fleischner lines.
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To illustrate this point, Fleischner, Garnett, & Shepherd (1982) compare the math fact computation skills of primary school students who are identified as having learning disabilities with average students and found performance was essentially indistinguishable based on the measure of percentage correct.
River's Landscaping, River Thomas Fleischner, 906 Jersey St.
We've put together a great deal of information that the chamber and the city will hopefully be able to use to the benefit of potential developers and also to the benefit of possible sales of property, if that comes about," said Fleischner, who is a member of the DHSI.
Fleischner, Ecological Costs of Livestock Grazing in Western North America, 8 Conservation Bio.
8% conformity to Fleischner Society pulmonary nodule guidelines.
Fleischner, Ecological Costs of Livestock Grazing in
Fleischner is the USACE liaison officer to USEUCOM.
Now, a few days before Christmas, they return with the bounty of that epic one-week recording, and a rough cut of the footage filmmakers Tony Lowe and Sam Fleischner shot during those sessions.
These NCNs require interval follow-up based on their size, and that follow-up schedule is usually performed according to the Fleischner Guidelines (21) for management of small pulmonary nodules.