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Friedrich Ludwig, 19th-century German anatomist. See: Fleischmann bursa.
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But legal antics by the lawyer representing Pons and Fleischmann may become this month's most memorable cold fusion faux pas.
We believe that the sale helps Ramtron reach its goal of a larger public float and a more diversified investor base," said Klaus Fleischmann, Vice President Alliances at Qimonda and a member of the Board of Directors of Ramtron.
Jane Fleischmann was driving westbound in the far right lane around 5:30 a.
Stanley Pons and British electrochemist Martin Fleischmann ignited a global research firestorm -- now greatly diminished -- by publicly claiming they had found a simple, room-temperature means for unleashing potentially vast amounts of fusion energy.
Phil's top administrative post, succeeding the legendary Ernest Fleischmann.
I follow a couple of remarkable artistic directors,'' said Fleischmann, particularly praising his immediate predecessor, Ara Guzelimian.
Stanely Pons of the University of Utah and british co-worker Martin Fleischmann, who last March claimed to have developed an electrochemical method of forcing atomic nuclein to fuse with an accompanying release of heat.
Fleischmann labored privately and tirelessly in the early eighties to deepen his understanding of quantum electrodynamics, which he came to see should allow low temperature coherent fusion phenomena.
His career spanned from the ``Rudy Vallee Fleischmann Hour'' to various Bob Hope specials in the '30s and '40s.
It was a news conference to introduce Willem Wijnbergen as the orchestra's new top executive, succeeding Ernest Fleischmann, who finally is stepping down.
Stanley Pons of the University of Utah and Martin Fleischmann of the University of Southampton in England claimed they had found a route to energy-releasing nuclear fusion reactions at room temperature by squeezing hydrogen nuclei together in electrolytic cells (SN: 4/1/89, p.