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A type of torture in which the victim’s head or body is immersed in excrement and urine
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A submariner himself, he first commanded a conventional submarine on deployment in the South Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean up to 1990, and subsequently a nuclear-powered fleet submarine on several operational patrols in the final years of the Cold War.
His important appointments include Fleet Submarine Officer, Commanding Officer of PN Submarine HANGOR and Directing Staff at PN War College.
Shortly after ten o'clock, Commander Yokota Minoru of the Imperial Japanese Navy brought his Junsen type B1 fleet submarine 1-26 to the suface about two miles off the Estevan Point lighthouse and opened fire with his 5.
Most of the US Navy's fleet submarine force can launch Tomahawk missiles from their torpedo tubes, which is one of the features of the missile's design, but the Virginia (SSN 774) and most of the Los Angeles (SSN 688) class have also been fitted with a dozen vertical launch cells made specifically for this missile.
A Defence Ministry official wrote to Wilson's private secretary: "The short answer is that a fleet submarine could be ready to leave for Belfast within 48 hours of the order being given.

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