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A type of torture in which the victim’s head or body is immersed in excrement and urine
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A Defence Ministry official wrote to Wilson's private secretary: "The short answer is that a fleet submarine could be ready to leave for Belfast within 48 hours of the order being given.
30, a Pacific Fleet Submarine Force spokesman said Friday.
The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, home to historic USS Bowfin, is the operational arm of the Pacific Fleet Submarine Memorial Association, a private non-profit organization, chartered in 1978 by the State of Hawaii.
The 15th APSC is co-hosted by the Republic of Singapore Navy's Fleet Command and United States Pacific Fleet Submarine Force.
Shortly after ten o'clock, Commander Yokata of the Imperial Japanese Navy brought his Junsen Type B fleet submarine I-26 to the surface about two miles off the Estevan Point lighthouse and opened fire with his 5.

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