linseed oil

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lin·seed oil

a fatty oil expressed from the ripe seeds of Linum usitatissimum; used in the preparation of lime liniment.
Synonym(s): flaxseed oil



linseed cake
the residue after the removal of the linseed oil by commercial processes. Contains cyanogenetic glycosides and may cause poisoning.
linseed meal
cake ground into meal.
linseed oil
used at one time as a lubricant laxative for horses in doses of 1 to 2 quarts as a drench. Has the unfortunate effect on unpredictable occasions of causing superpurgation and is generally supplanted by mineral oil.
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A leukemia survivor, Pirello attributes her recovery and ongoing health to a whole foods diet, which includes regular flax oil intake.
Our hope is to educate general consumers not only about Heart Shape Flax Oils, but also about the proven health benefits of flax oil overall.
This contains flax oil along with purified fish oil and other essential fats.
1,000mg of flax oil, taken three times a day, may also help.
And while Carlson's contains plenty of omega-3 fats from fish, the Mixed Fatty Acids also have EFAs from flax oil and borage seed oil, as well as a hefty supply of conjugated linoleic acid, so important for healthy bones.
For those considering using flax oil either as a training aid or to enhance their general health, Erasmus offers these words of advice:
By simply adding a little flax oil to your cooked foods you can add a wonderful flavor while adding a heart-healthy fat to your diet," says Claire Criscuolo, owner of Claire's Corner Copia Restaurant in New Haven, Conn.
Jacky can help relieve vaginal dryness by taking three flax oil capsules a day and using a natural lubricant such as Perfect Woman, which is made from wild Mexican yam (available from Nutricentre; 020-7436 5122).
Essential fats found in walnuts, wild fish, and flax oil are the most beneficial.
Add flax oil to salad dressings and use it on steamed vegetables or potatoes.
Q: Your article on EFAs in the January 2002 issue contains the puzzling statement that "one tablespoon of flax oil contains one gram.
Essential fatty acids (EFAs), such as the omega-3 and omega-6 fats found in flax oil, raw walnuts, fatty fish, evening primrose oil, and borage seed oil do more than help control weight and support your immune system.