Flavr Savr

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A genetically-modified tomato which was the first genetically engineered whole food to be granted a licence for human consumption; it was also subjected to premarket scrutiny by the FDA, which ordinarily evaluates food additives
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In 1994, the genetically engineered Flavr Savr tomato first appeared in American grocers' fruit and vegetable aisles.
Calgene receives FDA approval for the first biotech crop -- the Flavr Savr Tomato.
The Flavr Savr [R] tomato was the first commercialised GM crop and went on sale in 1994 in the US.
When Zeneca's GM Flavr Savr tomato paste appeared in Sainsbury's and Safeway in 1996, opposition to GM food became so intense it was driven off British shelves by 1999.
Synthetic biology is something like the genetic engineering that has been making headlines for yearsAuthink Flavr Savr tomatoes, engineered for longer shelf life, or glowing monkeys, altered with a jellyfish gene.
In the US, the Flavr Savr tomato was the first GM food reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA).
1993: The US Food and Drug Administration grants permission for companies to sell GM seed 1994: The Flavr Savr tomato, the first GM food, is approved for sale in the United States.
Revised and updated, this edition addresses the definitions of environmental science, ecology, and soil science, and covers politics and global warming and carbon credits; biofuel production from agricultural trash and the controversy about the conversion of corn from food to alcohol production; advances in biotechnology and the issues surrounding golden rice, flavr savr tomatoes, roundup ready plants, and genetically modified crops; the Blue Revolution; and the use of eutrophication in aquaculture.
1994 FDA approves Flavr Savr tomato, the first genetically engineered food.
The first genetically modified food (the Flavr Savr tomato) flopped in the 1990s.
Until 1995, board member of Calgene (now a Monsanto subsidiary), makers of Flavr Savr genetically engineered tomato, the first biotech product to reach the market.
The technique is similar to that used to produce the short-lived Flavr Savr tomato six years ago, but it targets a different component of the cell wall.