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Drug slang A regional term for crack
Informatics A piece of information generated by a Web server and stored in the user's computer, ready for future access
Vox populi—US Any of various small, usually flat sweet cakes; biscuit in the UK
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35) Flash cookies were originally designed to simply store information about a particular user's preferences, such as one's typical volume setting when watching YouTube videos online.
According to Soltani, the respawing and tracking techniques used by KISSmetrics generates unique identifiers, even when the user blocks HTTP and Flash cookies.
Since 2010, many companies have faced legal action as a result of using flash cookies.
Though Flash cookies have a number of legitimate purposes, such as powering the video players on popular sites such as youTube and Hulu, most web users know little about controlling them.
In particular, Adobe has been addressing concerns about the practice of some organisations using Flash cookies to regenerate HTML cookies (Internet history) that may have been intentionally deleted by Internet users.