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Flash Design India is offering live media streaming solutions using Flash Media Server applications.
264 codec using Adobe Flash Media Server software, we will help our customers achieve the highest quality, real-time, high-definition streaming currently available across a broad range of bandwidths.
Integration with Flash Media Server allows users to use Flash Video 8 format.
IP Multicast Improvements - New support for Source Specific Multicast (SSM) reduces demand on network resources by giving Flash Media Server the ability to generate and consume both SSM and Any Source Multicast (ASM), enabling stream replication, server side recording, or rebroadcast over separate multicast channels or RTMFP groups.
Level 3 Communications (Nasdaq: LVLT), a communications company operating an Internet backbone, announced on Monday (21 April) that the company's Content Markets group is deploying Adobe Flash Media Server 3 across Level 3's content delivery infrastructure.
The offer goes something like this: Bulk up on our new flagship server, part of the Flash Media Server 4 family, at a hefty price upgrade, and we promise your media delivery budget will go on a bandwidth diet as soon as it's implemented.
To be clear, these sites currently don't deploy dynamic streaming, but they do use the Flash Media Server (or the equivalent) to distribute streams via RTMP, which they obviously wouldn't use if they experienced significant connection issues with their target viewers.
To test the live output, I installed a trial version of the Adobe Flash Media Server 3.