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com has also partnered with CELL, the leading developer of Flash Lite content in Japan, to create games exclusively designed for Shockwave Minis.
It's worth noting that unlike regular Flash for a PC, the Flash Lite software is either built into the phone or it isn't available at all.
Flash Lite is expected to be available on additional handsets in the coming weeks.
One highlight of the exhibition is Flash Lite based Flash Lite wallpapers & screensavers.
The mobile portal, with over 10 localized versions in several languages, features puzzles, brain trainers, classic arcade and action games for Flash Lite enabled handsets.
1 API stack, it enables high performance acceleration of all OpenVG applications including SVG players, Flash Lite 3 and Flash 7 players, as well as native OpenVG content.
The company specialises in producing content such as games and applications for mobile phones and hand-held computers using the Flash Lite software platform.
With an open application development environment based on Adobe Flash Lite technology, this software enables a community of over one million developers to create unique applications.
Worldwide Computer Products News-18 March 2008-Microsoft licenses Adobe Flash Lite and Reader LE(C)1995-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Analysis of technology trends: Mobile AJAX, Mobile Widgets, Adobe Flash and Flash Lite, and HTML5
Technology trends including Mobile AJAX, Mobile Widgets, Adobe Flash and Flash Lite and HTML5 are addressed followed by the diversity of technology options.
Software solutions developer Adobe Systems Inc (Nasdaq: ADBE) announced on Monday (17 March) that over 500m mobile devices shipped with Adobe Flash Lite software to date.