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method of restraint in calves. The animal is thrown by the operator reaching across the animal's back, grasping the loose flank and lifting it off its feet.

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Q. I have chronic pancreatitus, and my doctor cannot figure out why my pain is in my kidney area (right flank)? Does anybody know why that is?

A. Pancreatic pain can sometimes cause refferred pain to the waist and back in a "belt-shape" form. This is due to the nerve supply to the pancreas and its origin. I would also recommend to get an ultrasound of the kidney just to make sure there is no pathology there.

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While the main effort is in the center, the battalion commander issued warning orders to his mechanized company to be prepared for flanking maneuvers on both sides and ordered the artillery to deal with the enemy in the depth.
This flanking maneuver of an economically vital waterway is an extraordinary provocation.
This flanking maneuver was proving successful and driving the Confederate right into a precarious position when Confederate reinforcements arrived from Harper's Ferry and relieved the pressure.