Flame Shaped Lesion

A haemorrhage in the nerve fiber layer of the optic fundus, seen in grade III hypertensive retinopathy, which resolves 4-6 weeks after an acute hypertensive crisis
DiffDx Anemia, leukemia, arteriolosclerotic retinopathy, DM, subarachnoid hemorrhage
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Classical radiological signs of Paget's disease include osteoporosis circumscripta, blade of grass presentation, flame shaped lesions, cotton wool appearance, osteosclerosis, periosteal new bone formation, increased thickness and circumference of bone, trabecular disorganization, compression from softening of bone, separation and displacement of teeth, hypercementosis, thickening of the iliopubic and ilioischial lines, ivory vertebrae, picture-frame vertebrae, enlarged cranium with increase in the marrow space, and intense uptake of radioactive tracers by involved bone.