carbonated water

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car·bon·at·ed wa·ter

, carbonic water
water that contains a considerable amount of carbonic acid in solution.
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2 Pour the fizzy water and beer into the well, leave for 10 minutes then whisk it all until smooth.
Take some nice fizzy water or flavoured water, as well as your wine and beer to a house party.
A Use fizzy water instead of beer for a decent batter, or even just still water.
His Newstalk blurb says Mark has marketed some of Ireland's best-known brands - from beers to banks and fizzy water to confectionery, but some are saying the PR guru may need to get out the holy water for his next marketing challenge
Adding fizzy water to white wine for spritzers that last longer makes sure that you do not take in extra calories.
My mum used to put lots of sherbet in a real fountain then us ducklings would all dive head-first into the fizzy water.
This may explain why 1 in 10 think that fizzy water makes sparkling wine sparkle.
A glass of my stepdad's lethal sangria or simply a glass of fizzy water.
Much of what is sold in the UK with this alcohol content is tasteless fizzy water.
The total bill, including a bottle of fizzy water and a tip, came to pounds 42LORNE JACKSON l Pennyblacks, 132-134 Wharfside Street, The Mailbox,Birmingham.
Oh yes", she added, she would have her fizzy water, with a lemon served to her later in her own cup with three straws.