fixed premium

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fixed premium,

n a specified amount charged for insurance that is not changed by such factors as family size or initial year versus maintenance year of dental care coverage. Also called
set premium.
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Although insurers offer several options, financial experts recommend two products: variable universal life insurance, which combines life insurance with a policyholder-driven investment component; and traditional whole life insurance, which offers guaranteed returns and fixed premium payments.
Its product, called Family Life+ and sold through building societies, offers four levels of fixed premiums from pounds 2 to pounds 39 a month depending on your age and required cover.
The company is offering buy-back contracts for Mascot and Solstice at fixed premiums of pounds 21 and pounds 20/tonne above feed wheat respectively for harvest 2008.
Under self insured plans, the employer provides health benefits to employees using its own funds, rather than pay fixed premiums per employee per month to a health insurance carrier.
8 RBC 0-80 Q $5,000 Two Indexed 10 Years 10% free Choice 0-85 NQ 5 additional Accounts withdrawals 10 Fixed premiums Linked to Index Based on of at DJIA* Confinement Annuity age last least $500 Waiver (SPDA) birthday each allowed -- 1-yr in the quarterly Terminal first 12 additive Illness months (first point-to Waiver 4 mos.
A Variable Annuity contract generally provides that the purchaser agree to a simple "lump sum" premium or scheduled fixed premiums for a pre-set number of years.
Elan has an exclusive option to purchase all of the issued Axogen common shares at fixed premiums over the offering price on or before December 31, 2001.
Automatic 3-year rate guarantee with optional guarantees up to 20 years to help you manage your insurance budget by securing fixed premiums.
Biovail has an exclusive option to purchase all of the issued Intelligent Polymers common shares at fixed premiums on or before Sept.