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n a payment made by a tenant to an owner for the use of land or a building.
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This release contains forward-looking statements under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, such as the statement related to the possible effect that the shift from per unit royalty payments to fixed payments could have on Rambus's 2004 revenues and as to the beneficial nature of the extended agreement.
Pago continues its drive to become the leading facilitator in the country, making it possible for anybody, regardless of his or her banking situation, to be able to accept payments with a credit or debit card, a simple approach offering the benefits of the Mexican banking system minus the need for contracts, fixed payments or the RFC tax ID number.
Boligforeningen VIBO want to conclude framework agreements for a total of advice and assistance in order to buy more fixed payments.
Lorene is now enjoying fixed payments for the rest of her life; then DAV will benefit from the remainder of their annuity.
The provincial government approved a regulation to allow for the company to make fixed payments over the next three years and extend the amortization period through to 2024.
The fee-for-service payment system has contributed to high health care costs and inconsistent quality of care and should be replaced with a blended payment model that includes fixed payments, according to a new report from a panel of physicians and health care experts.
However, providing fixed payments of increasing size is expensive and likely yields diminishing marginal returns (Fox, Crask, and Kim 1988).
That having been said, if rates do stay very low for a long time then even on the new, lower, long term fixed rates you are still paying a premium above the lowest tracker rates available in order to give you the certainty of fixed payments.
CHEESEMAKER South Caernarfon Creameries has revamped its milk contracts so that its 140 suppliers receive fewer fixed payments.
The arrangements call for a moratorium on past service contributions for a period of 21 months, with fixed payments afterwards for the 2011-2013 period.
Two-year fixed rate deals on 95% of the value of a property are taken out by first-time buyers with small deposits and who want the certainty of fixed payments.
Essentially, an annuity is a series of fixed payments, usually made monthly over a certain period of time.