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n a payment made by a tenant to an owner for the use of land or a building.
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Like other purchased-power agreements, the fixed payments are paid for by customers through their rates, in addition to the cost of energy when the plant is operating.
By the end of the decade, they called for a blended system of fee-for-service, fixed payments, and salary.
Moody's analysis of the transactions is based primarily on (1) the unconditional and irrevocable credit facility provided by the credit facility provider to the note issuer in exchange for a credit facility provider fee, and (2) the fixed and floating interest rate swap provided by KDB as the interest rate swap provider to the note issuer to exchange a fixed payment stream into a floating payment stream that matches with the notes coupon payment.
2002; Robertson, Walkom, and McGettigan 2005) and that lotteries are inferior to unconditional fixed payments (Leung et al.
We would introduce stability with fixed payments for six months, so people don't get any trouble with overpayments when their circumstances change.
Typically, a spouse is the beneficiary; in such case, a joint and survivor annuity provides fixed payments as long as either spouse is alive.
Board members and staff are now forbidden to work or accept payment from accounting firms, save fixed payments under retirement arrangements and other forms of deferred compensation.
Patients could be offered fixed payments for specific injuries without going to court.
The Japanese Federation of Iron and Steel Workers' Unions will seek a biannual bonus scheme combining payments linked to business results with fixed payments in coming wage negotiations with managers, federation officials said Friday.
Fixed payments over fixed periods of time can be initiated at the beginning of the cycle.
BITTER FRUIT: Farm groups that backed a phaseout of government subsidies in return for seven years of fixed payments are angry that House budget writers voted to trim next year's round of checks by 2 percent.