Five Virtues

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Five Virtues, desirable qualities associated with each of the Five Spirits of Chinese Medicine. They are li, ren, xin, zhi, and bao. See also Five Spirits.
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He was a founder of the Pentangle -- which he named after the five-pointed star, symbolizing five virtues, on the shield of Sir Gawain in the medieval Arthurian poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'' -- in 1968 with guitarist Bert Jansch, singer Jacqui McShee, bassist Danny Thompson and drummer Terry Cox.
She learns about the five virtues, Faith, Love, Kindness, Courage, and Friendship, which are possessed and fulfilled by all princesses.
According to the book, the secret to becoming a princess is linked to fulfilling five virtues, so Callie sets off on a quest to discover them all.
She proposes that five virtues constitute the conditions for the possibility of dialogue: humility, commitment, interconnection, empathy, and hospitality.
military rank ever held, and representing the five virtues of men and women in uniform: honor, compassion, respect, responsibility and courage.
looks at five virtues that help shape moral understanding.