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Fitzpatrick, Joyce J.

a nursing theorist who derived her Life Perspective Rhythm Model from Martha Rogers' conceptualization of unitary man. She began publishing in 1970. Fitzpatrick proposes that the process of human development is characterized by rhythms that occur within the context of continuous person-environment interaction. Nursing activity focuses on enhancing the developmental process toward health. Fitzpatrick believes a central concern of nursing science and the nursing profession is the meaning attributed to life as the basic understanding of human existence. The four major concepts in this model are expressed as nursing, person, health, and environment. The person is viewed as a unified open rhythmic system with temporal patterns, consciousness patterns, and motion and perceptual patterns. Health is a human dimension under continuous development, interacting with the environment. It is seen as a heightened awareness of the meaningfulness of life. See also Rogers, Martha E.
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In this wild and warlike school a number of leaders have sprung up, originally in the employ, subsequently partners of Ashley; among these we may mention Smith, Fitzpatrick, Bridger, Robert Campbell, and William Sublette; whose adventures and exploits partake of the wildest spirit of romance.
cries Maclachlan; "do not I know Mrs Fitzpatrick very well, and don't I see that the lady, whom the gentleman who stands here in his shirt is lying in bed with, is none of her?
Jones treated this menace with much contempt; and Mr Maclachlan answered, "Indeed, Mr Fitzpatrick, you may be ashamed of your own self, to disturb people at this time of night; if all the people in the inn were not asleep, you would have awakened them as you have me.
Fitzpatrick, hanging down his head, repeated, "That he had committed a mistake, for which he heartily asked pardon," and then retired with his countryman.
com, explains how FitzPatrick's closure will cripple Upstate New York's economy and encourages visitors to make a difference by signing the Save FitzPatrick petition.
BARNEY FITZPATRICK from Thongsbridge Tennis Club has been selected to represent Great Britain.
From there the 40-year-old could only advance his ball to within 50 yards of the green and when he failed to get up and down, Fitzpatrick had a two-shot lead which he maintained in brilliant fashion with a birdie from four feet on the 17th after Zanotti had holed from outside.
ENGLAND'S Matt Fitzpatrick admitted life could not get any better after claiming his first European Tour title with a wire-to-wire victory in the British Masters yesterday, taking his season's earnings to more than PS1million.
Robert Fitzpatrick, who was once second in command of the Boston FBI division, surrendered to U.
Fitzpatrick, of Shakespeare Road, Wallasey, admitted possession of extreme porn and had also been facing charges related to indecent images of children.
Fitzpatrick is the author of "The Doomsday Code" which condenses the voluminous work of Harold Camping, president of Family Radio and the lead death-knell ringer of the human race (or at least the heathens).
Fitzpatrick has been working with high-net-worth individuals, families, and institutional investors for more than 20 years.