G1 phase

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G1 phase, G1 period

see cell cycle.
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It was the first great wrench of his life, the first gap which the angel Death had made in his circle, and he felt numbed, and beaten down, and spiritless.
The first gap that we identified and set out to plug is the pre-Series A funding gap.
The first gap relates to the economic impact of strong tobacco taxation policies on the poor.
Initial consideration shares were previously issued to the value of USD 660,000 in November 2015 following transfer of the first GAP licence.
First gap in wall of disruption Salam: I was patient but will not be subject to moodiness ASSAFIR: "Hezbollah" embarrassed.
The six nurses in the first GAP intake in May 2013 were at different stages in their careers.
The traffic on the major road has right of way and waiting drivers are revved up to exploit the first gap in traffic.
It's the first gap year since Music Live started in 2000 and it's a well-earned break.
The first gap team member to take up the offer of a sabbatical is UK operations director Emma Ceballos.
The company plans to open its first Gap store in Egypt next month and the first Gap and Banana Republic stores in Morocco in October.
The first Gap 1969 store opened in 2009 on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles; subsequently, Gap 1969 opened a store in Chicago.
It was no surprise to see the Ballydoyle colt come from behind at the Curragh and while the first gap he took advantage of was entirely predictable, that run up the rails only got him so far and he had to be switched to deliver his winning challenge between horses when Strong Suit moved left.

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