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1. One of the five elements balanced by acupuncture treatments according to acupuncture theory (the others are water, metal, earth, and wood).
2. In dentistry, the fusing of water and a powder containing kaolin, feldspar, and other substances to produce porcelain used in restorations and artificial teeth.




Public health A conflagration. See Residential fire, Superfire.


n one of the five phases, or elements, in Chinese cosmological and medical theory, the characteristic manifestations of which include empathy, expressiveness, extreme emotions, extroversion, and sociability.


1. In dentistry, the fusing of water and a powder containing kaolin, feldspar, and other substances to produce porcelain used in restorations and artificial teeth.
2. One of five elements balanced by acupuncture treatments (the others are water, metal, earth, and wood).


naked flame.

fire ant
Solenopsis invicta; bites can cause severe conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers.
fire brand
see brand.
fire engine practice
see fire engine practice.
fire fish
members of the fish family Scorpaenidae, or scorpion fish which cause intense skin irritation.
fire injury
fire retardant
chemicals used to proof timber or fabric against fire. Many of these agents are poisonous. The best known are polybrominated and polychlorinated biphenyls.

Patient discussion about fire

Q. Does anyone have an issue with fire log? Every time my neighbors use fire log, I suffer. What can I do? I moved to the West Coast, and realized people burn a lot of fire logs here. I seem to have developed an allergy to it. Every winter, I suffer when neighbors use fire logs. I can not go around the whole neighborhood asking them not to use it. I am wondering if there's any patient advocacy to prohibit the usage of fire logs? I am sure there must be a lot of asthma patients who have the same problem with mine? If we regulate smoking, why can't we regulate fire logs?

A. I found some info like this.

I wish there's a regulation. If the healthcare cost is an issue for the government, they can reduce emergency visits due to asthma, by regulating fire logs.

Q. How do you tell the difference between chemical burns, and burns from fire? Please don't spare on gross words i would like to know everything there is to burns.

A. Here is a ton of info on both-

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