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A soft semisolid of firmer consistency than pap, but soft enough to flow slowly and not to retain its shape.
Synonym(s): pasta
[L. pasta]
Primary Angioplasty and STent Implantation in Acute Myocardial Infarction. A trial that compared the outcomes of two strategies of percutaneous coronary intervention: primary stenting vs. primary balloon angioplasty
Results Primary stenting resulted in a lower incidence of major cardiac events (repeat MI, TVR, and cardiac death) during the 12-month post-procedure and a lower 6-month restenosis rate in selected patients with acute MI
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Fiori sees major players like Chanel as a beacon of hope - the 'big boys' who may be couture's only salvation.
It already feels like `Fantasy Island' that I get to do this," Fiori said.
The Fiori by Corvon sample book, featuring a pastel color palette evoking freshness, elegance and femininity for packaging, was designed to create an emotional connection between cosmetic brands and consumers in the retail environment.
McCoy was completing a double, having won the EMW Law Handicap Chase on 9-2 shot Fiori.
1995), then in Uruguay in December 1994 (Mendez 1995) and last in Argentina from September to November 1995 (Fiori 1996, Fiori & Cazzaniga 1999).
Last week, Ed Fiori won the MasterCard Classic in Mexico City by coming from seven strokes off the lead on Sunday, then defeating Graham Marsh on the third hole of a playoff.
Tourists watched as the priest, complete with dog collar, was bundled into a squad car at the Campo di Fiori square in Rome.
Meanwhile, McCoy can enjoy a happy return courtesy of Penny Pictures and Fiori.
James Fiori, the provincial superior, has stated that only three of the current members were ever involved in residential schools, and no member has ever been found guilty of any claim of physical or sexual abuse.
According to our auditor, at the current rate of spending, we will fully deplete our resources by 2006 and be unable to meet existing obligations if certain protective measures are not taken," said Father James Fiori, provincial superior, or director, of the order, in a statement.
The documents relating to Giordano Bruno's eight-year long trial for heresy at the hands of first the Venetian and then the Roman Inquisition, and to his execution in the Campo dei Fiori in Rome on 17 February 1600, have been gradually coming to light since Bruno's first Italian biographer, Domenico Berti, started to publish them in 1876.