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1. One of the thin, horny, translucent plates covering the dorsal surface of the distal end of each terminal phalanx of fingers and toes. A nail consists of corpus or body, the visible part, and radix or root at the proximal end concealed under a fold of skin. The underpart of the nail is formed from the stratum germinativum of the epidermis, the free surface from the stratum lucidum, and the thin cuticular fold overlapping the lunula representing the stratum corneum. Synonym(s): unguis [TA], nail plate, onyx
2. A rod of metal or other solid substance, used in operations to fasten together the fragments of a broken bone.
[A.S. naegel]


The thin, horny, transparent plate covering the upper surface of the end of a finger.

Patient discussion about fingernail

Q. what causes ridges in fingernails center of nail is splitting down the middle toward the nail bed.

A. Vertical ridges that appear on the nail can indicate disorders as simple as iron deficiency, poor absorption of vitamins and nutrients, overall poor health or they could indicate something as serious as kidney trouble.
it might be wise to get a blood test.

Q. Anyone know why it hurts so much when you smash one of your finger nails?

A. two years ago i closed by accident the door of my car. my thumb was then blocked several seconds before i could liberate myself. it did hurt a lot that i could not sleep anymore. case of emergency. so at the hospital, they took a needle above a flame and then they pierced two holes in the middle of my right thumb nail to let out the pressure of the blood and cell-water who was stuck and which gives the pain. nerves plus body-liquid hurt then a lot. i had to return several times again to the emergency because the holes were closed again, i received heavy drugs to have no pain and lost at least my nail. today you see absolutelly nothing anymore!

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In the past, patients had to take drugs until the infected nail grew out, which would be from six to nine months for fingernail infection and 12 to 18 months in toenail disease.
She liked her fingernails and pretty hair,'' said Ashford.
The detection of long narrow fingernails in a woman should suggest the possibility of Marfan syndrome.
Mrs Barr, who was known as Peggy, died in March, around two weeks after Fitzpatrick ripped out three fingernails from her right hand and the index finger from her left.
Hand washing with antimicrobial soaps and alcohol-based gels proved equally effective in removing pathogens from the fingernails of all subjects, regardless of nail length.
Use soap and a soft nail brush to clear the dirt from under your fingernails.
A) Food employees shall keep their fingernails trimmed, filed, and maintained so the edges and surfaces are cleanable and not rough.
Does she have long fingernails or expect to wear nail polish?
By about thirty-two weeks, the fingernails can reach the fingertips.
I was only clinging to respectability by my fingernails, but that doctor bill ripped my fingernails right off.
presented scientific research at the 2005 Association of Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology (APIC) meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, on the survival of bacteria after 11 weeks on bed linen, acrylic fingernails and plastic keyboard covers.
DETECTIVES are hunting thieves who struck at the historic Birmingham jewellery firm - and stole thousands of silver fingernails.