index finger

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one of the five digits of the hand.
baseball finger mallet finger.
clubbed finger one affected by clubbing.
hammer finger mallet f.
index finger forefinger.
mallet finger partial permanent flexion of the terminal phalanx of a finger caused by a ball or other object striking the end or back of the finger, resulting in rupture of the attachment of the extensor tendon. Called also baseball or hammer finger.
webbed f's syndactyly of the fingers.

in·dex fin·ger

the second finger (the thumb being counted as the first).
Synonym(s): digitus (manus) secundus [II] [II]* ☆ , forefinger, index (1) , second finger

index finger

1. The finger next to the thumb.
2. The part of a glove that covers this finger. In both senses also called first finger, forefinger.

in·dex fing·er

(in'deks fing'gĕr) [TA]
The second finger (the thumb is being counted as the first).
Synonym(s): index (1) .

index finger

The finger adjacent to the thumb.
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SIR Bobby Robson and Kieron Dyer had a finger-wagging, head-shaking heated discussion yesterday - holding up training by 15 minutes.
Modern offenders have nothing to fear except a finger-wagging, fine or an order to do community tasks.
And he understands they won't be impressed by a finger-wagging "don't dare do it" approach.
The Gunners had veteran defender Martin Keown sent off in the 45th minute for a professional foul and there was finger-wagging petulance from five of the Arsenal stars who surrounded ref Dermot Gallagher after he rejected appeals for a penalty.
ASTON VILLA boss David O'Leary was involved in an angry finger-wagging bust-up over Liverpool's Steven Gerrard yesterday.
And how Miss May played on that dominatrix fantasy, with her formidable, finger-wagging, headmistress act.
Finger-wagging Bucknor marched down the Old Trafford pitch to lecture the England captain and reported him to ICC referee Gundappa Viswanath for sledging Fernando as he took guard.
1987/88, GATTING AND RANA: In an unprecedented display, England captain Mike Gatting found himself involved in an on-field finger-wagging row with home umpire Shakoor Rana in Faisalabad.
When it finished, Ferguson indulged in a parochial finger-wagging, expletive-ridden tirade at an English journalist for reporting on United's build-up without any direct contact with the manager or the players.
In the event, his finger-wagging pantomime confrontation with United's giant Belgian centre-back Philippe Albert was just one of the game's memorable moments.
A little less finger-wagging and more consultation to meet real-world problems would have been better.
Kim's verbal onslaught and finger-wagging was a far cry from his usual forced smiles at official photocalls.