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A massage movement consisting in striking with the side of the hand, usually with partly flexed fingers.
Synonym(s): tapping (1)
[Fr. fr. tapoter, to tap]


The passage into a cavity of a trocar and cannula, needle, or other hollow instrument for the purpose of removing fluid; variously designated according to the cavity punctured.
Synonym(s): tapping (2) .
[G. parakentēsis, a tapping for dropsy, fr. para, beside, + kentēsis, puncture]


A group of massage movements that involve the repetitive, regular, rhythmic striking of the tissue with some part of the hand; includes beating, hacking, cupping, and tapping.
See also: percussion
Synonym(s): tapping (1) .
[Fr. fr. tapoter, to tap]

1 tapping

(tap'ing) [ ¹tap] Percussion (3).

muscle tapping

Tapping the skin over a muscle belly to recruit more motor units and facilitate contraction. It is usually performed manually over muscles weakened from neurologic insult.

2 tapping

(tap′ing) [ ²tap]
The withdrawal of fluid from a body cavity. Examples include paracentesis and thoracentesis.


n massage technique that uses the fingertips percussively. See also tapotement.
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In control subjects, disturbing the left premotor cortex with TMS impaired the finger tapping, but disturbing the right premotor cortex had no effect.
In other words the accuracy of finger tapping was affected by disturbing the right hemisphere, and unaffected when disturbing the left.
Purdue Pegboard, finger tapping, Simple Reaction Time).
Test name Units of outcome Range (a) Cognitive domain Boston Naming Number correct 7-30 Language Category Fluency Number correct 17-106 Language Coloured Progressive Number correct 3-36 Nonverbal Matrices reasoning/ general intelligence Finger tapping (mean of three trials) Dominant hand Number of taps 7.
In the group of non-stutterers, disturbing the left premotor cortex impaired the finger tapping, but disturbing the right premotor cortex had no effect, the researchers said.
Results of tests of motor quickness and coordination (grooved pegboard, finger tapping, and hand-eye coordination) were also similar for both the referent and TOS groups.
During left-handed finger tapping, children with ADHD showed more than twice as much mirror overflow than typically developing children.
The left and right sides of the brain worked more closely together during fine motor co-ordination, such as finger tapping in sequence, than women of the same age who were not taking the drugs.
A practised liar may not squirm in their chair but watch for other telltale signs of anxiety such as foot shaking, finger tapping or hand wringing as they answer your questions.
That does make simple adjustments to heating and radio programmes a finger tapping exercise, but may prove the way all cars are going in this big-screen mobile phone world.
In order to control for the impact of motor speed, participants completed a finger tapping measure.